Secret Word Disbelief







So my secret word was disbelief, I had a little trouble coming up with a self portrait to showcase that. I began to think in my disbelief in the bible, I do believe in god, but not the controlling nature of the church. So I thought me showcasing this would reflect my disbelief. I chose to hold up a bible, and wear an inverted cross, hence there contradicting in nature. Bible words,versus are thrusted in the white background behind me in reflection to the way the church preaches and pick nits what they want us to believe. In connection in my head the past times came in my head, back when the church had all the power and if you decieved or did not believe in the church you would get in trouble.

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“I am alone; I …


“I am alone; I am always alone no matter what.”- Marilyn Monroe

Today I realize that I am alone on this world. I need to find my own self. I think I have found parts and bits of myself. Knowing what I want to do with my life is so very certain. I want to do what I love is writing and dancing. I don’t think that I know myself completely. There are a few things that I still don’t know like religion. I don’t know about what God means to me or where religion stands with me. But I like being alone. It is more easier for me to breath from my busy life.