The Stars

Golden glitter smears the dark night.
In the dark, I see the glowing specks.
The dark world emerges from the depths of the unknown.
Everything goes to sleep.

Sleep is where the darkness holds.
I cannot remember.
I do not know.
The light peeks through.

Fluttering my eyelids
I am awaken from my slumber.
I can see the bright light.


Have you heard of the girl?

She lives in the dark places of the world.

When you least expect it,

She finds you.


No need to fear her,

For now


She doesn’t want money, drugs

Not even sex.

You’ll look into her white glass eyes.

You will see,

Her intentions are unknown.

But you fear her.


I heard she is in pain from all the suffering.

She had to endure over the years of being alive.


So please be gentle

And kind.

 To this dark and ugly girl.






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